Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nice Visual Studio Skin

I never tried to use any skins with my Visual Studio dev environment before. After watching several screen casts from Rob Conery I wished to change my IDE a little and find theme similar to what I've seen in webcast.

After a little search I found download link on, post: Pimping my Visual Studio.

Yes, :) I like the theme :P, here is the screen shot of my working environment, it looks great also because of my new second 22 inch monitor :P



Anonymous said...

Nice skin, but how to install it?

Kirill Chilingarashvili said...

Hi Dito,

download the skin from

then in the archive you will find font MONACO.TTF - import it to the system fonts,

and double click on rob_conery_vibrantink.vssettings file - that's it.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I imported the .ttf file to C:/Windows/Font...and then I double clicked the vssettings file as you mentioned but still it didn't work. I may sound like novice, but could you please write detail steps if you can..


Unknown said...

Hi All,
Sorry for being Silly. Actually in the Visual Studio editor, from the Tools menu, you can goto Import and Export Settings and select your vssettings file...Its is self guiding from there on. Hope this helps to someone.


Anonymous said...

Cool skin ... just what i was looking for ... thanks for posting!